Vote Kelly Valenzuela: Hawaii State House Representative District 6

Kelly Valenzuela is campaigning to be the next State House Representative District 6 which covers the area of Palisades to Lako Street.  If you own a business or home in this area Kelly would love to talk with you on any issues that are affecting you, your family and business.  Please visit her campaign headquarters every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm to talk story, brainstorm and find solutions. The timer up above reflects the countdown for the General Election Voting day.  

For more information on Hawaii State Elections Click Here This will give you all the information that you need to know from the State of Hawaii Office of Elections.
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Vote Kelly Valenzuela:

Hawaii State House Representative District 6

People Before Politics



Kelly Valenzuela Putting People Before Politics 

Today Is The Time For Change

Join With Kelly Valenzuela To Take Charge Of The Future Of  The State Of Hawaii. Please Don’t Leave It In The Hands Of Others Or Think Others Will Take Care Of It.  We The People Of Hawaii Need To Stand United To Take Care Of Our Island Home And Heritage .  Connect With Kelly Valenzuela As She Unites Her Community To Be The Voice For The Voiceless.


Time To Fight For More Resources For Our State

Kelly Valenzuela Is Interested In Our Community And The Issues That We As Residents Are Facing Today #ihearyou


Creating A More Pro Business Atmosphere For Small Business Owners

Kelly Valenzuela Is Very Concerned About The Obstacles And Issues That Face Small Business Owners Today #ihearyou


Making Government Resources Open For More People and Educational Issues

Kelly Valenzuela Is Very Concerned About Residents Getting All The Opportunities Possible To Compete For Jobs Today #ihearyou

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Kelly Valenzuela House District 6 Candidate

Kelly Valenzuela House District 6 Candidate With a charming personality and a fantastic resume, Kelly Valenzuela is one of the leaders to move forward in the race against Nicole Lowen. She has years of experience and has established herself as a household name in the area for the work that she has done. She is a true citizen and one that has earned the respect of one and all [...]

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Happy Fourth Of July From Team Kelly Valenzuela

Happy Fourth Of July From Team Kelly Valenzuela                                                Kelly Valenzuela donned a beautiful United States flag patterned long dress to lead her constituents down the Fourth of July parade route in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on the evening of July 4th, 2014.   Looking like the true leader that she is and filled with sh [...]

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Kelly Valenzuela's Dad, former Legislator, Buddy Soares, honored by Hawaii Heads of State

Kelly Valenzuela's Dad: Buddy Soares, "Superhero, former Legislator" Honored by Hawaii Heads of State at Memorial Service Former Sen. Buddy Soares (photo by Daniel Soo) This is an article excerpt from the Hawaii Reporter from January 28th, 2013   Kelly Valenzuela is following in her Father's footsteps and is determined to carry on the good work that her Father had starte [...]

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Donate To Friends of Kelly Valenzuela

Kelly Valenzuela is running for State House Representative District 6 Kailua-Kona Hawaii.  Kelly Valenzuela is looking to her constituents to help her to get elected to handle the many issues confronting her district. Kelly Valenzuela has lived for 3 decades in this community and knows what needs to done and is ready to put "People Before Politics" to get it done. Mahalo for y [...]

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